Tranquility, Airiness, and Vistas

Imagine a home with a character determined by images of nature framed by windows that allow you to observe the changes that each season brings. In Villa Gallery, every day is a celebration of color and light.

The garden's highest point offers impressive views of the surrounding area and the Prague panorama lining the horizon. Uninterrupted vistas of the Vltava embankment evoke the unique atmosphere of riverside living.

Imprinting the changeability of nature in the garden is a challenge in terms of landscaping.

The green oasis that envelops Villa Gallery consists of a smaller front garden, a sprawling, common sloping backyard, and two private gardens that will extend the apartments on the first floor. It also includes the main terrace, shaded by trees, and a stone wall with flowing water. A steel footbridge copying the terrain of the property connects the second floor with the upper part of the garden and allows residents to access the Podolí stairs.

Atelier Flera


We have ideas, experience, and the help of the charismatic Ferdinand Leffler, who has a clear, holistic vision of the magnificent gardens that we breathed life into. Flera Gallery specializes in outdoor statues and art objects that create a harmonious dynamic between the beauty of nature and man-made beauty. We love the work and the results will influence the landscape as well as the lives of the residents who will enjoy the gardens we designed for them.

  • Original ideas
  • Perfect vision
  • Dynamic beauty of nature

Villa Gallery